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Contract Cheating: What Is the Cost of Students’ Success?


By Essaylancers

Writers Beyond Writing
20.03.2018 20:43

Nowadays, contract cheating has become one of the most frequently discussed issues. And, if you haven’t heard about the notion yet, you are a lucky person.

What Is It All About?

Contract cheating is a violation that a lot of students turn to these days. The ‘cheaters’ do not want to spend their time on college writings and decide to ask writing agencies to craft papers in their stead. But, this is NOT the point! Rather than using the received works as examples, they order college papers ensuring professional writers that these are going to be their guides to handle assignments faster as well as easier, and finally, submit these pieces as their own works.


The term of contract cheating is relatively young - it was coined in 2006 by an associate dean at Staffordshire University - Dr. Thomas Lancaster. In this particular study, the scholar dwells upon the number of students who prefer online assistance to working on university assignments on their own. In addition to quite shocking showings, Thomas Lancaster pays our attention to some other points concerning the issue, for example detection, prevention, penalties as well as the legality of the action.


As the problem of plagiarism is quite noisy in the modern world, most students feel responsible for it and do their best to avoid such a risky business. However, the act is highly punishable, there are still those who play a dice and hope for a miracle believing they will be off the hook.


The students’ position is quite understandable, but in this particular article, we are going to talk about the opposite side of the deal - academic writers who complete these papers per se. How this problem impacts them, if does, and what the consequences are.

What Do Academic Writers Think?

The process of online assistance, though, involves several parties - a client, an agency, and a writer. If the agency plays the secondary role, the client and the writer are the ‘lords of the ring’. One pays money to get an original piece of writing when another actually creates a masterpiece.


Thus, has decided to deepen into the problem and ask writers what they think about the ‘violation’ as well as whether it affects them in any way.


So, let’s have a look at professionals’ opinions:


‘I don't mind they use projects written by me...’

Some writers do not see any roots of disturbance, and consequently, do not mind if a student presents the paper as their own piece of writing. Actually, they do not say that the main purpose is money - they just sympathize the students who are overloaded with writing assignments and have no other choice than to submit papers written by professionals they have paid for.


These writers simply love their job and do what they are passionate about; nothing has more value. And, this is their choice!

“As for me, I agree with helping services - they provide writers with a chance to develop projects for students, and I don't mind they use projects written by me and hand them as their own. Because:
1) I have work that I love;
2) I am paid decently and can work from home, and this is my freedom;
3) I am writing projects often based on sketches delivered to me by students and teachers.

So, my attitude to the so-called "violation" of the author’s rights is positive, and I don't count this as the violation.”

(Alla Okhrimenko)

‘Contract cheating erodes academic integrity, but...’

Other academic writers think that contract cheating has a huge impact on the academic world, but they have no idea how this can be fixed. As a result, they were to put up with the issue and continue working because of a simple reason - this is the source of their income. These writers have opted for the financial side of the problem - they do not really care what happens with their writings after these are delivered to the clients, and a good amount of money is earned - they are ready to help another student in need and benefit from it again.

“Contract cheating erodes academic integrity, but, of equal importance is the value academic writers attach to their work. Majority of helpers prioritize money over the content. As long as the pay is good, what the student does with the paper is up to him/her. After all, once you deliver the piece, you are busy working on the next project.”

(Anonymous Writer)

‘Am I a good or bad guy in this case?’

Yet a lot of us know about contract cheating and can present their attitude to the problem in question, a lot of newbies, and even experienced writes, have never even thought about the issue. They do their work, deliver papers, get paid, and even do not think what is happening to the paper then. Actually, this is not because they do not mind students use their writings, this is because they want to believe in students’ legal intentions.


Thus, when we asked them about their attitude to contract cheating having made them mull over the problem, many writers wondered whether such an action makes them good or bad helpers.


Of course, writers are contract people who simply do their work - write papers on demand. The only people responsible for the consequences are those who directly break the law - students. Writers and agencies have no power to make students act legally, this is, actually, their own choice, and until they understand that they risk the reputation, degrees, as well as faith, the contract cheating will remain one of the key academic problems. In our power is to only do our best to change their mind.


“That is a really important issue, but let me ask, who am I in this case - the good guy or a bad one? And, what about this student who is going to hand in the assignment written by me? Is he or she the good guy or the bad one? Remember, this is the 21st century.”

(Anonymous Writer)

‘I will never tolerate it!’

Yet there are a lot of writers who don't really mind if students use their works and present them as their own, there are those who can’t stand such a violation and have strong views on contract cheating. These so-called ‘guardians of the law’ are ready to break off all the connections with mendacious clients and even do not mind the sums of money they lose - the law is above all the other things.

“I will never tolerate it. Intellectual property is important to me. Such a deal only lessens the quality of education. Well-off parents go for this for it's an easy way out of their responsibilities helping their kids do their papers; and for college students, it is a real pleasure. This is unfair towards real thinkers. Sure, if the paper is used as a sample - I do not have anything against.”

(Anonymous Writer)

‘I knew students were submitting my works, and it didn't bother me...’


Of course, there are those writers who say: “Dash all the patterns, they won’t feed you!”. For some professionals, it is no surprise that their works are submitted by students. They know this and still complete papers for such ‘cheaters’. It does not, though, mean that they do not mind the law, they rest the responsibility on a student. And besides, what is the difference between those telling that they are going to only consult the paper produced by an expert (still handing it in without any fanfare) and those telling directly they have no time to complete the task on their own writing and will submit the received draft as it is? Both are offenders and will be punished equally when caught. In this case, some of us would prefer sincere clients to unpredictable ones.

“It's been so long, though, wrote for the company. I knew that the students I was writing for were submitting the works for grades, and it didn't bother me. I didn't care about the final outcome of their grades even though I still strive for excellence.”

(Anonymous Writer)

Nowadays, the problem of contract cheating is picking up the steam, damaging the reputation of honest agencies, writers, and even students who do not turn to illegal actions. Of course, it is quite difficult to resolve the problem in advance, but we are able to influence our clients. Mind that we are responsible for those whom we have ‘tamed’. Thus, when dealing with the next order make sure to remind the buyer that you are going to provide them with the sample paper tailored to their needs and, in their turn, they do not have to adopt the piece but use it as a guide when writing a masterpiece on their own.


Believe that nothing is lost, and it is in our power to make students more responsible as well as knowledgeable. wishes you oceans of creativeness and inspiration and only an oasis of dishonest customers. Good luck!



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Contract Cheating: What Is the Cost of Students’ Success?

Nowadays, contract cheating has become one of the most frequently discussed issues. And, if you haven’t heard about the notion yet, you are a lucky person. What Is It All About? Contract cheatin..

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