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How Much Do Freelance Academic Writers Earn in Kenya, India and Pakistan?


By Essaylancers

Writing Tips and How-to’s
02.08.2016 15:16

How much do academic writers make? We bet you’ve been asking yourself this question a thousand times and we’ve decided to finally give you the answer that will satisfy your interest and bring you some benefits. You may wonder what exactly you will get from knowing how much your colleagues earn, and we will tell you that:


  • you will be more aware of the freelance academic writing industry because we give you the information about 3 most active countries in the domain: Kenya, Pakistan and India;
  • if you are a newbie, you will know which rates to set in the beginning not to sell yourself too cheap or not to scare away the potential employers with your too demanding terms;
  • if you work in the freelance academic writing industry for a while, you will be able to understand whether your profit corresponds to the average income of writers and whether you can earn more.


So, are you ready to find out how much do freelance academic writers earn in Kenya, Pakistan and India? Then, here we go.

We have conducted an extensive research where we have surveyed freelance academic writers 35% of whom are from Kenya, 35% - from Pakistan, and 30% - from India. We have counted the rates on a payment per page basis where the average page in the industry is 275 words. As you can see from the infographic, we call writers who have just started working in academic writing beginners, and those who have been writing academic papers for 4-6 months – regulars: they can’t be called experienced or experts yet, though they are already qualified enough to demand a raise from their employers or look for more profitable gigs. We have discovered 7 interesting facts:


1. Kenyans earn more ($2.6/page as beginners, $7-35/page as regulars) than freelance academic writers from India ($1.6/page as beginners, $3-10/page as regulars) and Pakistan ($2.5/page as beginners, $5-15/page as regulars). This fact concerns both the beginning stage in the career as well as the time when they raise their rates after gaining some experience.


2. Indians have the lowest rates ($1.6/page as beginners, $3-10/page as regulars) among freelance academic writers from Kenya and Pakistan.


3. Writers sometimes get paid per page or per word, so whenever you are looking for a job, be attentive while discussing the terms and calculate the average sum you’ll get per page to understand whether it is normal.


4. Academic writers usually raise their rates after 4-6 months of working in the industry. Though there are exceptions like Amna Sabir writer from Pakistan. She worked for 6 years with a rate of $0.009/word ($2.4/page) and raised it to $0.02/word ($5.5/page) only after changing the company she worked for.


5. People who work for writers with accounts in writing agencies earn much less than the account owners and writers who work directly for writing agencies. Alex Omari from Kenya told us that “as an academic writer, I started by charging very low rates $3-5 per page … I was also working under a friend of mine who was mentoring me, he was paid about $7-15 per page by the company he worked for.”


6. Employers are very reluctant to improve the rates by themselves that’s why after working for some time, you need to demand a raise and if they refuse, look for another company/person. “I have never failed any assignment … and in spite of providing high quality, commitment to work and time management skills, my previous recruiter never raised the price per word. Whenever it was demanded, they used to say that it was a market price. ” says Amna Sabir from Pakistan.


7. If you want to charge more money for your writing, you need to either change your employer/company or to look for direct clients. Dan Kogei from Kenya proves the point: “However, after I started working directly with a few clients I had, my average rate jumped to $10, which I have held for a while now.”


We hope that you will use this information to your benefit. You need to remember that many academic writers haven’t had access to such kind of data and that’s why some of them have worked and continue working under awfully low rates just because they are told that this is the “market price”. Malachi Gichunge shares his experience: “Well, it was such a struggle in the beginning. Rates were as low as $2/page. I did not know much about academic sites and direct clients. So, I had to work under someone.” As you can see, you can consider yourself pretty much lucky because you have all the aces up your sleeve, so use this opportunity wisely.


And, finally, some sound advice from an experience Indian writer Punalur Chandrasekharan: “Please, do not take all orders that come to you. Be choosy, and do the best you can do with the papers you are writing, and never try to take more than you could chew at a time. It can end up in chaos, and loss of money, and along with it your credibility as a good writer.”



  • collo

    03.08.2016 06:22

    quality info

  • collo

    03.08.2016 06:25

    quality info. the information given about Kenya is 100% correct. i have been working in a certain academic writing company for 4 months and my rate is still $2 per page yet i have never had a dispute with any of my orders. my ratings are 4/5 by most of the clients. i am now looking for direct clients who can raise my rate to $5 PER PAGE AT LEAST

    • Essaylancers

      12.08.2016 06:42

      Dear Collo! As our research shows, it is possible to find a more high paying job, if you are patient and determined enough. You just need to believe in yourself and confidently move forward!

      • collo

        04.09.2016 10:47

        Thanks a lot. I believe soon I will get a good offer

    • missprojects

      02.09.2016 22:36

      Dear collo, I have good opportunity for u if u r interested, please let me know

      • Edleony

        10.10.2016 18:46

        Could I get in on that too?

      • The Grand_Writer

        25.04.2017 12:00

        Hey missprojects... Are you hiring or what? I would also like that opportunity :-)

  • Alex Omari

    08.08.2016 07:49

    This is very good information.

    • Essaylancers

      12.08.2016 06:40

      Dear Alex, we think so as well. That is why it is very important for all academic writers to cooperate with us, so that we could bring such valuable articles to their attention.

  • Malachi

    09.08.2016 05:54

    Thanks for the mention. I am glad new and well-paying opportunities are emerging every day. Let us not give up!

    • Essaylancers

      12.08.2016 06:43

      Dear Malachi! Thank you for the provided information. This data is significant nowadays for all freelance academic writers as they deserve to know more.

  • chennairajeshg

    19.08.2016 17:12

    Very good information, Thanks for providing the information of various writers from various countries. This information give a depth of know-how on cost factors ruling presently. The writers currently have not been able to decide on this front, this info helps understanding the factor on this issue.

    • Essaylancers

      23.08.2016 13:55

      You are welcome! May this information help all the newbies as well as experienced writers to make more profit!

  • erickwriter

    05.11.2016 10:10

    I have been working under my friend who introduced me to writing for four months now earning $ 2/page. I've really been mark timing. you have opened my eyes. thanks!

  • The Grand_Writer

    25.04.2017 11:59

    And have you considered doing an article that could illustrate or advise on how to get direct clients? I have been trying it for a while now but without any positive outcomes.

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