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Freelance Academic Writing: A Guide for Beginners by EssayLancers
Free Guide for Freelance Academic Writers. Download Now!
The book consists of tips and guidelines on how to:

  • choose the subject
  • develop academic writing skills
  • create a portfolio
  • register on freelance platforms
  • communicate with clients
  • apply to writing agencies
  • manage your finances
  • use social networks
  • find free tools
Yes! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner who doesn't know where to start, or an experienced freelance academic writer with the extensive background behind. This guide will give you the green light to building a successful writing career with multiple orders, returning clients and heavy earnings! That’s what you are aiming at, right?
The guide includes tons of useful information:
  • a 100% working algorithm of earning more
  • exclusive information never published before
  • tips from well-known and experienced writers
  • 35+ free tools to boost your performance
  • hot tips on how to get hired by a writing agency
Want to Get a Head Start
in Your Freelance Academic Writing Career?
What Do Freelance Academic Writers
Think about Our eBook?
"There are some books on academic writing that teach you how to write but this guide does more: it teaches you how to be a freelance academic writer. It is great that nowadays there are books like this that help beginners to set their foot in the academic writing industry and I wish I had had it 16 years ago. However, I am pretty happy to have it now as numerous lists of useful tools and various tactics and strategies always come handy."
I’ve looked through this guide and find it really interesting. Actually, I am in the early stage of academic writing and trying to follow the guide to see if I can become a professional in this field. Thanks a lot."
This eBook is very helpful for me. It helped me understand some writing techniques as well as to improve my own skills. Surely, I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it yet."
"First, I want to say thank you for this guide!
Here I found loads of information concerning academic writing career. And there is no doubt that many writers as well as aspiring ones would find it handy. Getting a job as a freelance writer is extremely difficult especially for starters as I am. But I think that with the help of your eBook I will get ahead soon."
"In fact, the eBook has helped improve my skills. However, I have not received new orders yet, I strongly feel that it has upgraded my reputation and I am waiting to gain more from the offered tips through continuing using them now and then."
"I have downloaded the guide and would say it is really big help as I’m a newbie in freelancing. It is an excellent guide for beginners, so I use the guide from time to time."
"Your eBook is very helpful for me. Over and over, my writing skills are improving tremendously due to this guidance. This has for sure caused an influx of customers who keep asking me to write for them. I appreciate it really much."
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Freelance Academic Writing: A Guide for Beginners by EssayLancers
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