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Terms and Conditions

General Terms:

Our forum was created as a platform for professional communication between writers. Here you are welcome to:

  • ask for advice on any topic, related to writing, developing writing skills, communication with clients and employers and, well, anything related to your professional field;
  • comment within any thread on the topic, that is being discussed.
  • complain about different writing agencies, praise writing agencies or simply let others your point of view on them;
  • share your working experience;
  • vote for threads and comments you like and to increase their ratings... or to decrease them, if you dislike them for some reason. Learn more about rating.

General Rules:

  1. All forum guests should be polite to each other. No swearing, racism, religious or gender discrimination are allowed in any form.
  2. No spamming. No promotional articles/threads/posts are allowed on our forum. Do not try to self-promote your own website or a working profile through putting a link, that leads to them, in every your post. The administration of the forum will have to deal with you in this case.
  3. 3. No shilling. Friendship is magic, no doubt, but nevertheless – shilling is not fair. If you do not understand, what it is – read it here. (

Creating Threads and Posting:

  1. Before creating a new topic, it is necessary to check, whether there was no such topic before. Moderators have right to move the repeated topic to the old thread.
  2. Do not create topics with senseless headings, like “Help” or “I have a question”. The heading should be specific and relevant to the content of the topic.
  3. All comments in the thread should be relevant to the topic. If you would like to discuss something different, create a new topic.
  4. Respect other guests and try to use correct English grammar when writing comments. Your language usage lets other guests judge your professional qualities.
  5. Start threads in the most relevant forum category.
  6. Do not create empty post with only a single link in it – if you are directing your interlocutor to a special website to prove your point with the help of information, located on this source, add an explanation of your actions at least.
  7. Do not post any copy/paste information without severe necessity. Put everything in your own words.
  8. Do not discuss personal questions in irrelevant threads. Use personal messaging options. J


  1. We do not sell, rent, trade or lease any private information about our guests to the third parties.
  2. If you wish to edit/delete any of your posts, you have to ask moderator.
  3. You cannot edit/delete the information posted by other members of our forum community.
  4. You can only change your username once. Then there will be no such option available.
  5. You have no right to let other people use your account.


In case of violating the forum rules for the first time you might get a warning, for the second time - a temporary ban and a permanent ban in case of third time rules violation. In case of controversial issues, penalty is defined by moderators of the forum.

Terms and warranty disclaimer:

  1. The administration of the forum is not responsible for the materials, provided by the forum guests.
  2. The administration of the forum is not responsible for the veracity of the personal and other information, provided by the forum guests.
  3. The administration reserves the rights to remove or modify any content posted for any reason without explanation. It also reserves the right to take action against any account within this service at any time.
  4. The user grants the administration with non-exclusive, permanent, unlimited license to use, publish or republish his content in connection with the service. The user retains copyright over the content.
  5. All content you submit or upload may be reviewed by staff members. Do not submit any content that you consider to be private or confidential.
  6. The administration of the forum has right to change these rules without warning and notification.
  7. 7. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, please do not register or use our forum.
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