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My name is Tawseef Majeed. I am a simple and curious person who always finds everything interesting enough to start an empirical inquiry. I love to observe things not because only I am supposed to but, I really love it. Keen observation of things offers me a better understanding of the world I live in. I see everything, in every form it exists, as an artistic impression. I think art is just one’s own reflection to perceive the things around him or her; even the things that may look ugly to others I find them beautiful. At the end, it depends on the way you look at it. My theory - everything is beautiful and worth studying. I always feel everything is connected to me in one way or the other. Reading books, observing art forms, watching a child playing, noticing the smooth flow of water etc. evokes curiosity in me. I am interested in communication both personally and professionally as it is the basis of every established relationship. I always wanted to perceive the philosophy of communication that interconnects everything that exists.
I have pursued Masters in Journalism, and Psychology. Also, I accomplished my P.G Diploma in Graphics and Animation from AJK MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, India. I worked as a video journalist and later became engaged with Documentary Film-making. With incredible desire about Research and investigation, I have also presented Research Papers at few National and International Conferences. I have worked as an Intern with South Asia Radio Panos and Doordarshan Srinagar. I have also worked as Field Investigator for Research on Indian & International Studies (IRIIS). I have got good experience in writing. I worked as a freelance writer with WRITERBAY.COM for three years. I have got a good expertise in Animation Film-making also, specialized in 3D Animation.
At present, I am pursuing Practice-Based Ph.D. in Mass Communication from one of the best Media Research Centres in South-Asia, Anwar Jamal Kidwai Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, India, with a precise focus on Documentary Film Studies. I am investigating and experimenting to blend ground-breaking Film-making modus operandi, concerning live action and animation, in documentary film-making to augment the science of nonfiction storytelling through. It would impact most of the crucial nitty-gritty of Documentary Film-making practice of the contemporary era including the treatment and narrative strategy/design.
Along with every passing academic stage, I developed myself to observe and analyze things effectively. I always tried to maintain a good balance between my academic qualifications and research experience so that I can execute my intentions with much accuracy and effectually. Research is in my blood. I love to research more than anything else. But, what is more important in the academic environment is ‘effective writing’ to give an effective shape to one’s results and opinions. I write myself that means I write my objective understanding of the subject facilitated by my experience. I know writing is an art. I am always passionate about this impactful art. Writing is the only effective gesture through which one can put his or her findings, observations, and understanding forward for the audience.
I always to abide myself with the rules of writing that exist and differ from one format to other. The formats are actually the layout of one’s sense to make it much easier for the audience to understand. Strictly speaking, I always try to maintain reliability and validity of the data and sources which I use for a write-up. Also, one of the most important things that I always take care of is Plagiarism, and I know, it can help me to become a better writer.

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